Camping Tips For Beginners

For those who can be flexible and enjoy the adventure, car camp can be a great way to travel by road, enable you to travel at low cost and create memories for your life. Deciding what to pack for a camping trip doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Easily reduce the size and weight of all equipment you can. Pack the minimum of clothes for the weather and the time you are gone, given the possibility to wash on the go or just smell a little (after all, it’s outdoors!). One of the easiest ways to fight hunger while walking, camping and backpacking is to pack lyophilized food.

To solve this problem, you need to fill your bottle with hot water. They can be a bit difficult to cook when you are on the go, but you don’t want to miss the benefits they bring. An inflatable bed is always recommended for a road trip with the camper. With an inflatable bed you always have a comfortable place to rest.

For base camping, no one needs those titanium forks sold in REI, and all this would have cost another package at an outdoor store. If you are camping at a more remote destination or in colder months, grab at least 2-3 days of extra food and another 2-3 liters of water per person. If you camp at your home in warmer months, grab an extra day of food and an extra liter of water per person.

Read our article here about the best sleeping bags for all weather conditions and items. Designated camps are very useful if you want the comfort of local attractions, flowing water supplies or if you are traveling with a family. Of all the available car camping options, traditional camps are probably some of the safest places to sleep in your car. There are so many tips for camping in cars, but we are here to share our own version of sleeping in your car and what we learned about a road trip.

If you only have a barbecue or trust a campfire, when it rains, your plans are ruined. Make sure you have an alternative method of cooking food, a simple camping stove is a great investment. If you have never camped or been since you were younger (and were not responsible for the planning)!