Review Ctronics 2K HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera

Rechargeable Ctronics 2K HD Wireless Doorbell, Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera, Human Body Detection, Night Vision, Two-way Audio Cloud, IP66 SD Storage

100% wireless and detachable doorbell

Ringtone synthesis that is completely wireless. The bell can be placed anywhere in the house, including the dining area, kitchen, yard, bedroom, and living room.

AWS Cloud Storage is a service provided by Amazon Web Services.

For convenient recording, the doorbell camera supports AWS cloud storage. All of your videos in the cloud are safe from being stolen or damaged.

Storage on SD cards (without SD card)

The Ctronix Smart WiFi Video Doorbell Camera has a storage capacity of 128GB SD card, which is sufficient for video doorbell recording.

30 second voice message that has been pre-recorded

Even if you’re not at home, you won’t miss a guest with the outdoor wireless doorbell’s pre-recorded 30-second voicemail messages.

Infrared lights on both sides

For proper visitor registration, an exclusive extension technology is used. Even with the backlight on, every feature of the door is visible.

Night vision is exceptional.

This doorbell features a crisp and balanced night vision lens with faster day/night switching of the LDR, two infrared LEDs, and a wide viewing angle of 135 degrees. Even in the dark, you won’t miss a single detail.

groups of people that work together

You can share memories with your family without any limits if you give permission through the APP Cloudedge. You can also watch live video or receive notifications. The video can be seen by up to 8 people at the same time.

There are two methods for ringing the doorbell.

The microphone and speaker built inside the device can give crisper two-way audio in real time. When there are visitors, you can use the CloudEdge app to see, hear, and talk to them in real time.

The Wi-Fi connection range is wide and stable thanks to the latest HiSilicon Wi-Fi module. The Cloudedge APP can manage the Ctronics WiFi Video Doorbell Camera, which has a Wi-Fi range of up to 30 metres.

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