Most aircraft storage companies in the US, USA They are located in Oklahoma, near the FAA headquarters. Before the LOI expires, the buyer must inspect the aircraft and sign the test agreement. The team of consultants and brokers at JetEXE Aviation can guide you and help you refine your search and find the right plane for you. Depending on your needs and purchasing power, your consultant and assigned broker will identify and pre-select the aircraft available on the market for sale.

They also provide information and guidance on suitable systems for specific aircraft. Tanis also offers a weekly range of cold weather advice. Ask aviation consultancies and they will tell you that a business aircraft means time savings. As you imagined when you were younger, an airplane takes you out of a place faster than any other in the world.

A partnership or company is the best option when it comes to starting an aviation consultancy. You should find an office space near the airport or in the city center for easy access. Design the office for professionalism, so that your customers feel comfortable as soon as they enter. Obtain the necessary furniture and accessories for the consultancy’s office and request public services and telephone lines. If the seller accepts the LOI, the buyer immediately deposits a deposit of 5% to 10% of the purchase price offered. The deposit can be placed with the broker or with the aircraft deposit that has been mutually selected by the buyer and the seller.

If the aircraft is to fly more than 29,000 feet, it must be RVSM certified and the required manuals must be approved and found at the local FAA flight standards district office. If it is very long distance, it should be well planned with fuel and maintenance stops. Such questions must be answered before making any future plans regarding your sales strategy. Typically, large aviation consultancies can generate brilliant solutions with this type of data. Many experts do not recommend starting an aviation consultant business if you can purchase an established operation. But as a commercial buyer of aviation consultants, you will quickly discover that a commercial purchase is not entirely hassle-free.

Aviation Consulting Services was established to provide tailor-made solutions for the aviation industry. When you were younger, you probably dreamed of having your own plane. Being able to move from one place to another within hours was the closest thing to flying like birds. The comfort Aviation Pilot Expert Witness of hiring aviation pilots while leaning back and relaxing. First, you should keep in mind that buying and owning a personal plane is expensive. The good news is that if you decide to buy your own commercial plane, you will have a way to offset the cost of buying and maintaining it.