Highlights for Dark Hair at home?

So you have decided to have highlights in your hair? And you want to do it at home? You don’t want to go to a shop and have it done professionally? Do you want to completely change the color? Think about this, if you want to go from dark brown hair to platinum, and want to do it at home, then you need to avoid a bad situation by using a semi-permanent color. When you are changing your hair color you need to go two shades darker or lighter than your hair color’s natural shade.

Don’t believe everything you read on the boxes of hair coloring. What you need to do is look at the descriptions. Sometimes the box will talk about the tone. This just means that you will need to know if you are warm or cool. To find out which one you are, look at your skin. If your skin is cool then you probably have blue or green eyes and if you are warm you usually have golden, olive or dark skin with brown or dark eyes. Once you find out if you are warm or cool you can better decide what color would look best for you. A few highlights that frame the face can make your eyes pop and do wonders for your complexion. Rather than using foils or a cap for highlights, you can have Bayalage highlights that are painted into your hair. Some of the highlights that look good with dark brown hair can include red and copper. If you want a highlight job at home it can be done. The paint on highlighting kits is something that is used quite often at home. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully. If you think you want more than highlights try the semi permanent at home color and find out if this is what you want before you go that way permanently.

Below are some tips to use when you think you are ready to color your hair or do highlights at home. 1. Start by brushing your hair really good to get out all hair spray and to detangle it. 2. Using a pair of latex gloves, pour the coloring mixture into the applicator bottle. 3. Pull out a piece of hair from the back of your head and put it on a piece of foil, and paint the strand of hair using the brush (usually in the kit). 4. Brush the hair with the dye and fold the foil halfway to hold the hair. 5. Do the same again and keep highlighting your hair. 6. Leave the dye on until your time is up and then check the time on your kit to see how long you leave it on. 7. Once the time is out you need to rinse your hair out and then use conditioner on it. 8. Then dry it to the style you want it to be. Once you see what you did, you will see what you did. To highlights on dark hair you need to buy a kit from the store and pick the color you want. Then just follow the instructions. Highlighting your hair isn’t going to be rocket science. Just use your common sense and follow the instructions.






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