What To Buy For Your New Cat

For example, some items, such as food and water bowls or collars and harnesses, depend on the size of the cat you are going to adopt. If you are lucky enough to be loved by someone, it is your God-given responsibility to give them a comfortable and fun home. We wrote about the necessities you should get if you’ve recently adopted a pet, but once you have that pet at home, you’ll want to create a healthy, welcoming space for them. Cats need a specific type of environment to play, scratch and relax. Now that you’ve covered all the cat supplies, don’t forget about these all-too-important health care tasks to make sure your cat’s first year in their new home is happy and healthy.

Your kitten should be taken home for a health check within a week of having your kitten at home. At the first visit, your veterinarian should check for parasites, cat leukemia, and other health problems, and he or she will administer your first round of vaccines if you have not already received Enclosed litter box them. You should also talk to your veterinarian about scheduling booster shots, starting a flea and parasite control regimen, and spaying or neutering at this time. This visit is also a good time to ask your vet any questions you may have about your kitten’s care and nutrition.

Neutral colors work well in most rooms and you can also paint it. My cats accepted it right away and seem as relieved as I am that we can’t see each other while they do their need. Unlike dogs, who get excited about a ride in the car or a walk around the block, cat owners know that cramming a half-hearted kitten into a carrier can be a bit like, well, herding cats. While it may be second nature to tag your cat-loving friends on a cat meme from time to time, it can be upsetting to buy a real gift for a cat parent now that there are more cat-themed items available than ever before.

Franušić and Farel-Friedman recommended Hill’s Science Diet, which is available in different varieties for cats with different needs. There are many other high-quality options, including Nom Nom, a monthly delivery service for human-grade cats. Although many cats prefer dry food, they are high in carbohydrates and calories. Eating a wet food diet can help maintain weight and overall health, according to Moore. “Wet food is great for cats because it provides more moisture,” he said. “It’s especially important for men because you want them to produce urine so they don’t have urinary problems.”

The discount only applies to your subtotal for online purchases for in-store pickup products. Eligible brands include Wholehearted, Good Lovin’, You & Me, So Phresh, Well & Good, Reddy, Harmony, Bond & Co, Good2Go, EveryYay, Bowlmates, Imagitarium and Leaps & Bounds. Subtotal refers to the quantity of order before taxes and shipping. The qualified subtotal excludes any repeat delivery orders or individual delivery orders. Welcoming a cat into your family is exciting, and having all the right supplies and a support system around it can help make the transition smooth. If you have any questions regarding the care of your cat, your veterinarian and local Petco shopping partners are always ready to give you advice.