The Best Of German Festivals: World-class Food, Music And Culture!

Carnival is celebrated throughout the country, but centered around Cologne, Düsseldorf, Münster and Mainz. Popularly known as the Berlin International Film Festival, berlinale is the second largest and largest public film festival in the world. With more than half a million customers from the international film industry, the Berlinale is an explosion of glamour, talent and entertainment. Since 2003, Ruhr in Love has been one of Germany’s favourite one-day e-festivals.

Between May and September, the Rhine rises in a spectacular display of lights and flames. Fireworks are set off along different parts of the Middle Rhine, resulting in a blinding light along the banks of the river, a rainbow of color. Thousands of fireworks are set off on more than 60 boats traversing oktoberfest the river and some hilltop spots, resulting in a scene of truly exceptional lighting display. If you want to make the most of your time at a venue or festival, dive right in. This site is full of unique + boutique experiences and complete travel tips/guides from a passionate traveler.

In fact, most people choose to stay in the nearby city of Mannheim or even travel from Frankfurt on a day trip. The combination of lively music with serene nature is a recipe for success. In the past, this German festival has attracted some of the world’s most famous EDM artists, including Tiesto, Dimitri Vegas, deadmau5, Klangkarussell, and Steve Aoki. If you’re a fan of the genre, you can’t get a better lineup than in World Club Dome. Like most long-standing events in Germany, Berlinale has an eventful history.

These festivals take place simultaneously over three days in both Nureberg and Nuremberg. Many of the artists perform in both places and perform for a very large audience. International artists camp in tents at each location and create hundreds of camps at each location. Rock am Ring and Rock im Park are two of the biggest rock festivals in the world, with an audience of 160,000 people a year. Customers enjoy watching the Dixie Parade and watching the street performers. Artists from all over the world perform in front of a sold-out audience while enjoying outdoor performances such as German riverboat rides.

Catholics attend a special mass with the delivery of Mary’s walnuts to children. Pentecost Monday, also known as Pentecost Sunday, falls on the 7th Monday after Easter and means a day off for German workers. For Catholics, it is a Holy Day of Celebration, so in the south and west of the country many people go to church.

While Berlin, Germany’s capital, is known for its international film festival and intense celebrations, Munich’s breweries and cuisines are legendary. If you’re a big fan of rock ‘n’ roll, you’ll be overwhelmed by the options of rock music festivals in Germany. The country is home to some of the best heavy metal artists in the world. Berlin is one of Germany’s most popular tourist destinations, with fantastic museums, restaurants and historic buildings. From festivals celebrating major historical events to entertainment, sports and film festivals, the German capital has something for everyone. With festivals in summer, autumn and winter, it’s easy to plan your next trip to Berlin around one of their festivals.

A&S is designed to inspire young travelers at heart to plan and make the most of a dream trip. If you can find time to see theater, do yoga, and learn all sorts of new things in the workshops, the lineups are always great. In the past there were artists such as Charlotte de Witte, Rodhad, Reinier Zonneveld, Monkey Safari, Alex Niggemann and other equally profound and surprising artists. Previous artists have seen different artists, from Ferry Corsten, Aly &Fila, Marcus Schulz and Adam Beyer to Angerfist, Charlotte de Witte and Chris Liebing. The festival takes place in numerous different venues and has grown enormously since Sven Vath helped create it in 1991. They have different scenarios for each genre: trance, trap, urban, goa techno, house, EDM and more, making it easy to decide where you want to get lost.

It’s usually scheduled for the second and third weekends of September in the spa town of Bad Durkheim, with live music and entertainment to accompany delicious wine and local culinary specialties. Oktoberfest is one of Germany’s most famous festivals and one of the largest fairs in the world. More than six million people come to celebrate the beer harvest to drink, eat tasty German pretzels and sausages, and take part in general festivities. Musical performances by internationally recognized accordionists delight audiences of all ages. Karneval is usually a time to party and enjoy music, food and dancing.

How to Transfer Music from iPad to iPhone without Computer

Music and movies are the two most common uses for an iPad, and there are a number of great options out there. If you find that you want to use this gadget for both purposes, then you should consider getting an application that will allow you to view pictures and play music as well. You can use it as a media player, so that you don�t need to carry around another device.

You probably have this hobby of transferring music from iPad to your iPhone using your Mac computer every time. However, what if your Mac not working? If you�ve just brought your computer for a�Mac repair, you�re probably worrying about transferring music from your iPad to your iPhone without your computer.

An amazing tool for transferring music from iPad to iPhone is Dropbox, regardless of the size of the file, or the type of file, Dropbox helps you to share these files easily and securely too.

What Is Dropbox?

When it comes to cloud technology, Dropbox is one of the most sought-after storage services. This cloud storage service allows you to copy your music,�video, audio, or text files to the cloud or the internet and access them later. Using Dropbox, you can pick and select the files you want to save.

What Are the Benefits of Using Dropbox?

The major benefit of Dropbox is its great portability. You don�t have to use an external device to make it work. You can keep all important documents in a single and easy-to-find location. Dropbox can be accessed using other devices aside from office and personal computers, including mobile devices, such as an iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.

So, how do you transfer your music files from your iPad to your iPhone without your computer using Dropbox?

Below are detailed steps to do this:

Method 1: Steps to Transfer Music from iPad to iPhone without Computer

Step 1: Sign into your Dropbox account on your iPad.

Step 2: Upload files using the web interface. (we recommend you set up a folder to save the music in, instead of having it scattered in different folders)

Step 3: After the files have been uploaded, access them via the iOS app on your iPhone.


  • Transferring using these methods is not as fast as on a computer.
  • The service might not work sometimes due to weak network signals.

Method 2: How to Transfer Music from iPad to iPhone Using iTunes?

In the event you would prefer to transfer music from your iPad to your iPhone using iTunes, Apple�s official method. Though this method is not as simple as transferring to an Android device, but if you have the right steps, iTunes will do a good work for you. Let�s take you through some easy steps to send your iPad music to your iPhone:

Steps for Transfer Music from iPad to iPhone Using iTunes

Step 1: Launch the latest version of iTunes your computer and connect your iPad and your iPhone.

Step 2: Click on the phone icon at the top and select the iPad to transfer from it.

Step 3: Different tabs will show in the left side menu, click the Sync button.

Step 4: Select Music, then Entire music library.

Step 5: Once satisfied with your selection, select Apply to finish. Your songs will be successfully transferred.

Method 3: Transfer Music from Windows Media Player to iOS Device with iTunes

Using iTunes to transfer music from Windows Media Player would erase existing data on iDevice. If you don�t want to lose any data on iDevice, please refer to Method 1.

Step 1. Navigate to Library > Music, copy music from Music Library to desktop or wherever you can easily find them.

Step 2. Download the latest version of iTunes, Go to Files, click Add File to Library, select the songs then confirm. After all had done, songs on computer are added to iTunes Library.

Step 3. Connect your iDevice to computer, select songs you want to transfer to iPhone/iPod/iPad, then click Song and Add to Device.

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You have just learned how to use Dropbox as a cool app to use if you want to transfer music files from your iPad to your iPhone. By following the steps above, you�ll never miss the crucial details for a�successful transfer, allowing you to fully enjoy listening to the latest hits you want to include in your music library today.