Using The LED Display As A Echran Outdoor Billboard

During per-row scanning, as shown in Figure 3, when row 1 is scanned, column 1 is controlled and LED1 lights up while column 2 is turned off and LED3 does not light up, Cpar1 is discharged through row 1. When switching to row 2, only LED4 should light up while row 2 is driving, but LED2 lights up at the same time. This is known as the lower ghost effect and the waveform is shown in Figure 4.

As a high-quality industrial product, as a high-quality industrial product, LED displays are compatible with other devices or software to perform some very practical functions. Such peripherals make the product more reliable and easier to handle. Here are some devices that usually come with almost all outdoor LED displays.

Outdoor waterproof LED display can be installed on building facades, playground, library, gemstones, etc. Location is extremely important for attracting a very specific audience to your content. It is also extremely led screen supplier important to ensure the overall health of your outdoor screen in the long term. We recommend installing outdoor screens in an area out of direct sunlight, such as under a canopy, or on the west side of a building.

Figure 12 shows a module using the MBI515X series, which has uniform brightness throughout the module, reflecting the high uniformity of the controller’s ICs. Another phenomenon of uneven brightness occurs at the pixel level and is known as the blurry screen effect. The electrical properties of LED particles play a role in the production process. Changes between different production batches cause variations in LED properties for different batches.

If there are any problems, replace the faulty cable or LED module in time. Solution 1, it’s probably the problem with the receiver card, check which receiver card controls the area and replace the receiver card to fix the problem. When using this test pattern, the blurred line on the first scan can be seen very clearly in a low shade of gray. Figure 23 shows an image of the actual display during testing with the MBI515X module. It can be seen that the smooth variation in gray level and high contrast are maintained while weak gradient lines are removed. The way a scan-type display works is by illuminating the LEDs line by line, as shown in Figure 15.

Outdoor LED signals can take a beating from the weather, weather changes over the seasons and natural wear and tear over time. That’s why it’s essential that you have an LED professional perform routine maintenance on your screen. This will keep your screen bright and healthy for years to come and protect your investment in the long run. While this should be common sense, many people will try to mount an indoor display at an outdoor event.