Streetlight Manifesto Discography – Why You Should Listen!

In the ska scene today, there are few main steam bands left. One that comes up time and time again is, of course, Streetlight Manifesto. Right now the band is on tour with Reel Big Fish, which (in my opinion) is probably the best career move they have made so far.

For those of you who don’t know who they are, Streetlight Manifesto is a seven-piece ska punk band from New Brunswick, New Jersey. The band is fronted by Tomas Kalnoky, but my favorite thing about the band as a whole is that they not only alternate between instruments, but 5 of the 7 members also get the chance to sing at one point or another.

As far as their discography goes, the music speaks for itself. The Streetlight Manifesto discography is a short list, but in the time since their first release in 2003, the band has made huge progress.

Here is a rundown of the entire Streetlight Manifest discography…

1. Everything Goes Numb (2003)

This is the first full-length album by the band. The issues discussed in the lyrics deal with some pretty disturbing topics; however, this defined them as a band streetlight to be taken seriously. The instrumentals along with aggressive melodies gives the listener a “kick in the nuts” type feeling, while still enjoying themselves.

2. Keasbey Nights (2006)

Keasbey Nights is the debut album of Catch 22 (a punk ska band that was affiliated with some of the members currently in Streetlight)., A few members of the original band had a falling out with Kalnoky and a few others. A couple years later, SM re-recorded the entire album because Victory Records wanted to release it as an original Catch 22 album.

3. Somewhere In The Between (2007)

Somewhere in the Between is the band’s second full length album. Many hits came from this album, including “We Will Fall Together,” (which is personally this author’s favorite) and was also the band’s first music video. Since then, they released a few other music videos which include humorous animation, while giving the viewer a little glimpse of the band’s eccentric personality.

4. 99 Songs of Revolution: Vol. 1

This album is a collaboration between Streetlight Manifesto and 3 other bands. Their plan was to cover 99 songs and release them to the public. Clearly, there are more volumes to be made but I am fairly confident they will not disappoint.

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