Portable Accommodation Hire

Portable accommodation hire

In this article, we will talk about the types, sizes, and prices of portable accommodation hire and the companies that provide them. We’ll also talk about the companies’ delivery services. After reading this article, you’ll know whether portable accommodation is the right solution for your needs. Here are some tips and tricks to make the process easier for you. There are many advantages to portable accommodation hire, so keep reading to learn more! Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right rental unit:Learn more about Australian portable camps here.


Costs of portable accommodation hire vary widely. Often the higher the cost, the larger the footprint. Similarly, the higher the price if you want more features, such as a change room or a lunch room. If you’re planning on hiring a portable building for a long period of time, you may want to opt for second-hand units if you’re on a budget. However, second-hand units can be expensive as well. Most customers opt for hiring portable buildings. Besides, the costs are largely one-off, and the buildings are returned once the project is over.

A portable cabin can serve as a home away from home for a remote team. These buildings are fitted with a bed, a desk and chair, a wardrobe and an operable window with security mesh. Some portable buildings have additional features, such as reverse cycle air conditioning. If these are your main requirements, be sure to let your rental company know so they can design the cabin to meet them. A self-contained cabin is also a great option for schools and hospitals.


When it comes to the size of portable accommodation, you have two options – buying an individual cabin or hiring a large modular building. You can purchase an individual cabin in many different sizes, ranging from the small 7ft x 7ft gatehouse style to the enormous 40ft x 12ft units. You will need to consider the width and length of the cabin, as well as its overall dimensions to choose the right one.

While portable accommodation is great for temporary living and working space, it can also be an efficient way to accommodate your staff during large off-site projects. Commuting problems are one of the biggest roadblocks to productivity, especially when coordinating major projects. Requiring staff to commute to client sites can leave the project open to traffic-related delays, and it can also make it difficult to complete work if the client site is too far away.

Companies offering portable Accommodation

In the UK, companies offering portable accommodation hire include SiBCAS, a leading provider of modular buildings and relocatable site accommodation. Its range of exceptional accommodation units includes self-contained welfare units, modular classrooms, anti-vandal offices, storage containers, and multi-functional modular buildings. It also offers a range of portable cabins for a wide variety of uses including sports clubs and health centres.

A portable building may be the perfect answer for a temporary or long-term business expansion project. The flexibility of a portable building means that it can be moved to another location or expanded with additional units as required. A self-contained portable building will not only keep your workers comfortable, it will also increase the company’s appeal among job seekers. In addition to businesses, portable buildings can also be used by schools, hospitals, and other organisations as temporary extra buildings.


Deliveries for portable accommodation hire are a key part of the Portable Space Transport service. The team is involved in the UK-wide delivery and installation of cabins and containers and are supported by an efficient fleet of ten vehicles. Eight of these are self-loading lorries, with two also being fitted with special cranes for restricted access sites. To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, a mobile space is delivered and installed by experienced drivers who have extensive experience in this field.


The Continest cabins are an award-winning portable building solution that is 80% more energy efficient and reduces emissions by up to 80%. These buildings are lightweight and easily transportable, reducing logistical and installation costs to a minimum. They also provide a high standard of temporary infrastructure and have won plaudits from across the globe. Read on for more information on sustainable portable accommodation hire. The benefits of hiring a Continest cabin are clear: you won’t be compromising on the quality of your temporary accommodation.

Besides being environmentally friendly, portable buildings also minimize your company’s environmental footprint. Many portable buildings are 100% recyclable, so there’s no need to worry about disposing of them. Portable buildings also minimize energy use by acquiring recycled materials. Ultimately, you’ll be reducing landfill waste by opting for these buildings. In addition, you can find buildings with recycled materials in their construction process, which reduces your company’s carbon footprint.

Despite the increasing demand for flexible and adaptable temporary accommodation, bunkabin’s portable cabins are cheaper than traditional options. Ensuite sleepers start at PS65 a night. Plus, they provide significant sustainability gains, which is one of the reasons more businesses are turning to portable accommodation hire. But what makes these cabins sustainable? A few factors make portable accommodation hire a good choice for your next event. You can hire a bunkhouse for a week or a month and have the accommodation you need without breaking the bank.

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