Building a Killer Online Press Center – An Insider’s Guide to Bringing the Media to Your Web Site

One of the biggest secrets of the Internet is that with an excellent online press center you can attract a lot more editors and journalists to your business site and create many more articles about your business in the media.

The trick to creating such an online presence is to know how to ignite ideas for articles, to know how to ruthlessly promote what you are proposing, and to make sure that you show the equivalent of a neon greeting for passing members of the press. Through.

“Getting to know the news won’t cost you anything,” said Thomas Wong, author of “101 Ways to Increase Your Web Traffic.” This often works better than advertising because people trust news articles more than advertising. Press releases often lead to personal interviews on the phone, on television or on the radio, which can make you and your website very popular.”

In fact, there are so many tactics and new web technologies available to attract the media that creating an excellent press center on your business website can become more sophisticated and growing advertising activity, more and more free.

But first here’s what you need to do:

Offer Internet-friendly press releases: while certain texts, quotes, and contact information are a good start for a press release, if you optimize press releases for the Internet, you can better play with media relationships one by one. This means that the relevant keyword should be included in the headline of the press release, including, if possible, text, so that search engines can easily find it. It’s also a good idea to let others sell your press release written by the author of the press release by adding a social bookmarking tool such as AddThis. Another good practice is to make sure that visitors can easily cut and paste the text of your press release into MS Word or a similar text editor. (Some sites can’t copy press release text; others use Adobe documents.PDF that are sometimes difficult to cut and paste.)

The trigger coverage is other content: editors and editors always crave ideas for stories, so you can never come up with too much content for stories in your news center. The general recommendation here is to clarify that any content you publish – or as much as possible – can be directly quoted by editors and journalists. The importance of this practice cannot be overstated. In fact, this small tolerance can save the press five days of phone conversations with your business and the difference between hushing up and ignoring for a more user-friendly business.

Specific content, ideal for press coverage, includes company official documents, as well as quotes from executives from the latest industry news, legislation or surveys. The press also likes transcripts of executive speeches they can quote (always include name and headline), transcripts of recent corporate webcasts, business-themed studies, industry surveys and customer reviews. (Always give the name, title and company for the review.) If you are lucky enough to be treated, include links to this news.

Add a dimension with Rich Media: once you’ve implemented everything you need for your press center, mixing esoteric media content such as web videos, podcasts, and even virtual reality can make your post extremely appealing. In addition to posting your business video on YouTube, like thousands of other companies, you can also post a YouTube video player for free on your own website. YouTube has a video on how to do this, as well as an accompanying video on how to personalize the player.

Warning: Allow your lawyer to view the fine print of YouTube before you use a player or YouTube site too aggressively to advertise your business. Like so much else on the internet, this area is still very gray. Other multimedia content you can add to your site include podcasts (check out the podcast catalog where you can find skinny ones), virtual reality or 3D-like movies. The virtual reality software includes quicktime VR and IPIX.

Become a media authority: you will become even more visible when you appoint one or more of your company’s executives as media authority. Blogging is one of the quickest ways for a manager to introduce himself to the press, but only if the blog is interesting and informative. One of the easiest ways to make sure of this is to just hire a good ghost blogger. In the meantime, you can build trust in the leaders of their media by placing them in various “expert stables” on the Internet – places where well-known authorities gather to be referenced by the media. Some of the most important stables are Profnet and ExpertKlik.

Be charming: most companies “understand” that offering a name, voice and contact information via email to all the key public relations professionals in your media center is a good start. But the same contact information for key managers ready for the interview is even better. The promise – and practice – to handle all press requests within 24 hours – is another step forward in achieving instant friendship in the press. And the stated willingness to respond quickly to the “email interview” in the media will make journalists wonder whether they are dead and in heaven.

Fine Tuning: In recent years, Google has released a number of free tools designed to make your press room appear as high as possible in Google search results. Create a free Google account for webmasters and you’ll be able to use all of these tools. And once your press room is friendly to Google, it will be optimized for most other major search engines. While you are doing so, also make sure your press room is loaded like mercury. Tips for optimizing your speed can be found in Andrew B. King’s book Accelerate Your Website. King, founder of Web Site Optimization, LLC, also offers a free tool that checks whether your media center is optimized for speed.

Relentless advancement. One of the main factors balancing the Internet is that a small, flexible business can outpace a larger giant with the right promotion. The company’s proposed press releases and e-mail newsletter initiate this process.

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