Analog Devices’s Basic Analog NanoPower Module Extends Battery Life in Space-constrained Applications

Designers can now use Analog Devices, Inc.Two nanopower modules with built-in inductors reduce the size of space-constrained Internet of Things (IoT) devices and extend battery life. 

Both products are part of Analog Devices’ Essential Analog series of high-efficiency power supplies IC. MAXM38643 has 1.8v to 5.5v input, 330 nA electrostatic current (IQ), 600 mA step-down module, and MAXM17225 have 0.4v to 5.5v input, 300nA IQ, 1A Boost module has the lowest IQ and provides longer battery life compared to the household solution. 

These micro-system-level IC modules (uSLIC) also accelerate time to market by integrating pre-selected inductors, reducing the size by 37 percent compared to stand-alone IC plus external inductors.

Applications include space-constrained consumer products, wearable devices, medical drug delivery, sensors, Internet of things devices.

Battery-powered Internet of things devices requires low IQ, in system standby mode to provide longer battery life. In addition, the ultra-low turn-off current (MAXM17225 0.5nA max M38643 is 1nA) allows the system to consume almost no system power in turn-off mode. Compared with competitive solutions with similar output currents, MAXM38643 and MAXM17225 consume an order of magnitude less static current (1/10 and 1/20, respectively).

In addition, the peak efficiency of MAXM38643 and MAXM17225 is 96% and 95%, respectively, which is the highest compared to competitive solutions. As a result, the module consumes less power, provides longer service life, and reduces the carbon footprint of battery-powered and wired always-on devices. Both of these products use ADI’s uSLIC power module technology, with stacking,

“In addition to extending the battery life of tiny IoT devices designed for the next generation, the NanopPower MAXM38643 step-down and MAXM17225 step-up modules add many functions of smart sensors, radios and digital circuits in consumer, medical and industrial applications that require lower IQ and higher output current,” said Chinmay Honrao, business manager for standard power products in ADI’s core product division.

Essential Analog IC provides ADI’s advanced technology in low-power, high-performance, single-function products to enable next-generation innovation in a variety of applications and markets.

Characteristics and Advantages of MAXM38643 Step-down Module and MAXM17225 Boost Module

⦁Longer Battery Life: static power consumption is the lowest compared to competitive solutions, helping to extend battery life for always-on devices

⦁Minimum Solution Size: 3D modules with stacked integrated inductors reduce solution size by 37% compared to stand-alone ICs.

⦁Shorten Design Time: eliminate inductor selection, design, and procurement to shorten time to market

Product Supply Price Packaging

MAXM38643 Now $1.22 per 1,000 Units 2.1mm x 2.6mm; EMGA-10Pin

MAXM17225 Now $1.27 per 1,000 Units 2.1mm x 2.6mm; EMGA-10Pin

MAXM38643AEVK#EMGA Now $62.32 N/A

MAXM17225EVK#EMGA Now $62.32 N/A

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