6 Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language For Professional Growth

Mastering two or more languages expands career opportunities, especially in areas such as government and technology. Bilingual employees are in a privileged position to take on tasks that require international travel or to communicate with colleagues in other countries. Speaking more than one language also encourages people to explore other cultures and connect with those whose background is different from their own. 2We note, for the purposes of this discussion, that we take a broad view of bilingualism and multilingualism, considering that anyone who actively uses two or more languages is bilingual or multilingual.

While it may seem reasonable that learning another language is beneficial, did you know that this perspective of bilingualism is significantly different from the one envisaged for much of the 20th century? At the time, teachers, scientists, and politicians viewed a second language as an obstacle to a person’s academic and intellectual development, especially young children, who were thought to be “confused” by learning multiple languages at the same time. According to a study by Pompeu Fabra University in Spain, multilingual people are more attentive to their surroundings and have an exceptional ability to focus on relevant information while overlooking what is not important. Those who learn a foreign language outperform their monolingual counterparts on standardized tests and show better problem-solving, critical thinking, and analysis skills because they can easily understand abstract concepts. The ability to speak multiple languages is an advantage in the workplace and in the community.

Learn and practice English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese and more languages with Bilingua: it’s fun, free and effective. Science suggests that bilingual speakers have greater problem-solving skills. Using cognitive muscles to navigate multiple languages can make you more skillful when it comes to juggling tasks in other ways. The Chinese might say that those who speak other languages 脚踏实地 (jiǎo tà shí dì) or “step on dry land”, which is a phrase that means that those who stick to the basics have the advantage. Whether you’re rushing to get a new job or broadening your horizons, learning a language can open the door to opportunity.

Your brain has been practicing daily to switch from one language to another. When the brain gets used to this demanding task of switching from one language to another, it is not difficult for them to use this skill in other tasks as well. немски език за деца софия Mastering a foreign language is not only beneficial for the brain; It also affects your level of creativity. When a person begins to learn a language, he becomes familiar with the culture of the place where that language is spoken.

The focus shall be on the groups that are most at risk and for whom the opportunities and protection offered by multilingualism, and thus the overall benefits for society, can be greater. These include young children, for whom a lack of literacy skills can jeopardize academic outcomes, and older adults who face normal cognitive decline as they age or pathology when they are likely to develop dementia. The study found that the later in life a second language is acquired, the greater the effect on the growth of brain structure. In addition, bilingual speakers who use both languages frequently may have more gray matter in the brain regions responsible for attention, inhibition, and short-term memory, according to a study by Georgetown University Medical Center. No matter how many lists there are, no one can convince you of the benefits as much as your own language learning experience. With that in mind, choose a language that you find exciting and engaging, and open the door to the many benefits that come with language skills.

I’ve already mentioned that one of the benefits of language learning is being able to tackle complex problems. A side effect of this ability is to be able to formulate problems clearly. After all, you can’t solve anything if you don’t know what’s standing in your way.

It is believed that greater empathy is due to the fact that bilinguals are better at preventing their own feelings and beliefs from focusing on those of the other person. The survey of 581 alumni of the American Graduate School of International Management in Glendale, Arizona, found that they gained a competitive advantage over knowledge of foreign knowledge and other cultures. In addition, they suggested that language studies help them make decisions like hiring and help them grow in their career path.

He also showed personal mental discipline, personal fulfillment, and cultural awareness. If you learn the French language, it will help you make a career change in an international organization. While it is possible to learn a foreign language as an adult, acquiring this skill in childhood offers some distinct benefits. Children are programmed to easily learn multiple languages, and can usually do so more easily than the average adult. Learning languages at a young age fosters children’s natural curiosity and creativity, preparing them for high academic achievement and lifelong success. Many people ignore this fact, but learning a language is one of the most challenging skills there is.

While learning another language can make you more aware of cultural differences, you also understand why those differences exist and how important it is to respect cultures that are different from your own. Language learning can promote solidarity, tolerance and understanding, especially at a time when refugees are denied aid due to xenophobia and cultural prejudices. One of the most rewarding aspects of the human experience is our ability to connect with others. Being able to communicate with someone in your language is an amazing gift. Bilinguals have the unique opportunity to communicate with a wider range of people in their personal and professional lives.

They give children mental tasks that measure working memory, visual-spatial lapse, conflict resolution, and cognitive speed. They found that bilingual children are ahead of monolingual children on all tests. This shows that people who grow up bilingual have robust and fast mental abilities.

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