Nice Facts About Teeth

It is true that if you don’t take care of your teeth, you can lose them. While dentures and implants still give you a natural looking smile and enjoy your favorite food, they shouldn’t be your first choice. By keeping the baby’s teeth in place, the permanent teeth remain healthy and remain well in the mouth as they grow.

Among the 52 teeth we have in our lives, a lot of things happen, a lot, we don’t even know. Here are 10 fun Zahnarzt Bern to share with your kids. When we brush, we can easily reach the top and sides of our teeth. But the intermediate surfaces, which are an important part of our tooth enamel, must also be cleaned well. Therefore, it is best to clean between teeth daily to eliminate food and bacteria and promote healthy gums.

They enable children to develop good speech patterns and learn to chew correctly. Periodontal disease and dental caries affect people of all ages, including children, but many children and teens don’t think long before eating too much candy. The glaze can be hard, but it is not invincible. It is important to take good care of the enamel on your teeth by brushing it and flossing it every day to eliminate plaque build-up and bacteria. In this present time there are so much fun data about teeth. Knowing all these dental facts increases the willpower to take care of your teeth.

Soft drinks are particularly harmful if you drink them often or slowly all day long. While most people see their bones as the strongest part of their body, enamel is actually the most difficult. But just because it’s incredibly difficult doesn’t mean the damage can’t occur. Because your teeth are prone to acid and the build-up of bacteria, it is imperative that you proactively protect tooth enamel. After all, once your icing is gone, it will be gone forever.

Your body produces about a quarter of saliva every day, reaching about 10,000 gallons throughout life. Saliva plays many important roles in your general health. For example, it makes food easier to swallow and contains enzymes to stimulate digestion.